November 2015

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Use Energy Efficient Blinds and Curtains

As winter is approaching, you will be thinking ways to heat your home. Most people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to keep their homes toasty and warm during the cold season.

We are actually wasting money since we are not able to conserve the heat that escapes from the homes. The five main areas where home loses heat are ceilings, infiltration, doors, and windows, below grade space, flooring and walls.

When you want to maintain green homes, you need to install wall cavity and loft insulation. The ceilings and walls give the minimum to heat loss. It is important to overlook the major sources of heat loss. It can be either doors or windows. One of the best ways to support heat loss is to cover the windows and doors using thick curtains. It helps in keeping the cold out and maintains normal heat in the room. The eco-friendly curtains and blinds are available in different colors, sizes, and models.

You can either purchase in bulk or purchase one by one. The customer can enjoy large savings when they purchase in bulk. The patterns in curtain remain different from one another. You have to choose curtain pattern that matches your home interiors. The curtains that are custom made help to provide a vibrant tone to your home. If you wanted extra protection in opposite to solar heat gain, you have to consider energy efficient blinds and curtains.

It is a must for homes and offices. If your window is located in an open space, you have to cover it with window and then blinds or curtains. It helps in providing privacy at night and spreads the shade when you do not require much direct sunlight. When shopping the blinds and curtains you have to consider certain options like usage of materials or liners that avoid UV rays. It should serve to safeguard your furnishings and avoid solar heat gain.

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