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Know about the sustainable countertop materials

If you are planning to construct a green kitchen or renovate your bathroom, you need to know what materials are present in the market and what helps in making a sustaining countertop. There are several eco-friendly countertops options in the market. The major portion of your kitchen will be occupied by the countertop. You have to install a solid and eco-friendly countertop for better performance. When you are installing, you have to see whether it is within your budget. The environment friendly countertops are easily available at reasonable price. It is available in various models, sizes, and ranges. You have to go through the options and choose the one that is suitable for your needs and budget.

Most countertop models like marble and granite are mined. The mining is a complex process. It results to environmental dangers like toxic chemical release and spoilage of habitat. If it is not controlled or checked on time, the mining process has chances to contaminate the ground water or cause dust emission and erosion. There are several sustainable alternatives that are introduced and developed especially for people who are environment cautious.

The eco-friendly materials offer the same style, design, and feature you experience in granite. It is engineering in such a way it has similar heat resistant properties and hardness. The environment-friendly countertops are manufactured using recycled materials. Though not all the recycled countertop products are environmentally liable, the manufacturing process will not affect the environment.

Recycled paper countertops: It is manufactured using recycled paper products. It consists of one hundred percentage of paper. The composite countertops are manufactured using shredded office paper and old cardboard boxes. It is joined with resins that are eco-friendly and produced using oils of seeds or nut shells. The resin and fibers are positioned under heat producing non-porous homogenous slab. The recycled countertop has smooth look and texture. It is available in different colors and models. It can be used in your kitchen. It helps to emit a pleasing and aesthetic appearance that certain Corian have.

Recycled glass countertops: It is an alternative for granite countertops. It is a completely recycled material. It consists of recycled glass. It is made using 85% of the recycled glass. The glass is collected from the building demolition sites, traffic lights, old stained glass, curbside recycling and other places where glass trash is seen. It does not have the same features like granite countertops have but serves better for its price. It is unique and looks pleasing.